Available courses

The English as a Second Language Basic Workshop equips local church volunteers to begin and maintain ministries to those who are learning to speak English. The online portion of the basic workshop gives participants background information that will be utilized in the in-person session of the workshop. Skills needed to teach English to ministry students will be introduced in this version of the class and practiced during the live session.

The cost for this course is $35.  This covers both the online and live components of the course.

Please be aware that the only way your course facilitator can assess your level of understanding of the material is through your responses in the lessons and assignments.  During a fully live workshop, the leader interacts with the participants to gauge their understanding.  In this format, the work is done independently; more is required of the learner.  Due to the independent nature of the work, you may take more or less time than you would in a fully live workshop to complete the material.